006 – An Intro to Values with Apryl Schlueter

In today’s episode, I chat with Apryl Schlueter, author and happiness coach to high achievers. Apryl shares her thoughts about the importance of values and how to have fun while getting things done.

005 – We Need to Play with Gary Ware

In this episode, I chat with Gare Ware, a play consultant by day, and an improv comedian by night. Gary reveals the benefits of play and shares some tips on how we can become more playful.

004 – Serving the Global Market with Case Lane

In this episode, I chat with Case Lane, founder of Ready Entrepreneur, thriller writer, and self-described observer to the future. Case shares some tips on how to start a business and how to keep an eye out for new opportunities in a global market.

003 – Nobody Has Their Ish Together with Marsha Shandur

In this episode, I chat with Marsha Shandur: sales coach, storyteller extraordinaire, and entrepreneur. We dig into the topics of empathy, shame, and storytelling, and explore how they're connected.

002 – The Power of Creating with Tom Morkes

In this episode, I chat with Tom Morkes, West Point grad and Iraq War veteran turned publisher, author, entrepreneur. Tom shares some unexpected benefits of creating, how he's taken skills learned in the military and applied them to his businesses, and how spreading ideas can take you places.

001 – The Importance of Self-Care with Chris Heuertz

Welcome to the first episode of LIFT, a podcast aimed to support leaders who are committed to making good changes in the world.

In this episode, I chat with Chris Heuertz, founding partner of Gravity, author of The Sacred Enneagram, and all-around kind human. Chris shares his lessons learned from working in the trenches of the international humanitarian field, and how understanding the importance of self-care lead him to his next calling.