Maybe you tend to forget important life moments.
Maybe you sometimes need a reminder of what matters to you.
Maybe you want to declutter your brain.
Maybe you want to remember your life lessons.
Maybe you need a place to track your habits, goals, and accomplishments.

Myself? I can absolutely say yes to all these things.

If you're in the same boat, you've addressed these problems by writing things down in notebooks, scrap pieces of paper, planners, or different programs on your phone or laptop. The problem with this, I've found, is that it becomes an overwhelming mess that you relegate to cleaning "someday".

I wanted one place to house my thoughts, memories, values, and goals. I've tried different planners over the years, but found they're either not enough or they're too much. I couldn't find something simple, organized, and self-guided. So in 2016, I designed the Rudder Planner, a tool to keep your values at hand so you can take smart action on what's important to you.

Today, all that's left is to raise money for the first print run. With your support, we can make it happen!

Thanks for reading!