Navigate life with purpose.

You are the captain of your life.

Rudder Planner steers you in the direction you want to go.
Use it to inform the choices you make and the actions you take.
Live a life with intention, so you won't look back later with regret.

Second prototype, hand-bound

Highlighted Features

Habit Tracker

In the world of habits, or sustainably changing your behavior, less is more. There's even space for you to note what’s working for you (or what’s not).

Planner | Journal

This section functions both as a weekly top-level planner and a micro-journal. Space is limited and this was done purposefully. Your brevity muscle will get a workout.


It's the foundation of the Rudder Planner -- your own personal manifesto. Review this as often as you need to and use it to inform your actions and decisions.

When you sign up, you'll get:

A free download of the Rudder Habit Tracker -- discover the power of habits

To be a part of the launch of an original product that can help change lives

Virtual high fives from me!

The Rudder Habit Tracker has helped me to kick start some of my biggest yearly goals. I also did it with a friend to stay on track...can’t wait for the journal, thanks!

Daiya Anderson
Owner of Origin Wines

At the end of the year, although time moves just as fast, I no longer have thoughts like, "Where did the year go?". I know exactly where my time went, what worked and what didn't, and I have a record of all of my experiences.

Rudder Planner allows me to look at missteps or difficult parts of the year with a purposeful clarity, which gives me gratitude for the experience and charges me to take that next step forward.

Erin G.
Product Design Engineer

The Rudder Planner is my happy book. I've been using it for a month now, and unlike other notebooks I've tried which feel like task lists, my Rudder feels like a book of positivity. It has my daily reminders including moments I want to remember in the future. I really enjoy flipping back through it -- what other planner makes you want to do that?

Dr. Angelica Lim
A.I. Roboticist